Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hot Summers, Fresh Fruit!

Hello all!

It is somewhat soul destroying to come back to a cold and rainy London after having spent two weeks in the scorching sun (daily temperature 35-38 degrees. Heaven!). I don't think that weather changed here since last October. Sunshine is very elusive in these parts of the world.

So, while away, swimming and sun bathing every day, travelling through Montenegro, Croatia and the beautiful, green Bosnia and Herzegovina, I, of course indulged in some seriously fresh and delicious food. 
I'll start these posts with fruit.

These two are a staple food for most Bosnians in the summer. I am yet to find a house that doesn't have plums and watermelons on their table. I can't say I am a fan of plums, but do love watermelons:

Now, wild strawberries are a bit of a treat. They grow for a few weeks in the spring, and that's it. Blink, and you'll miss them. I used to pick them as a kid, every year. They hide very well in the green grass and you can spend a lot of time looking until you find a little red head peeking through. But when you find one, it feels special and you can't help but smile. Strong is a person that doesn't put it straight in their mouth but collects jars full of them. You'll find children selling them by the road in th spring and at somewhat high prices. They are worth every penny though.
And need I say, they are the sweetest, and most exquisite of the nature's gifts. Strangely, I have never, ever saw them in the UK.
My mum always puts some in the freezer for me to have when I go back home in the summer. Here was my helping on the last day of my holiday:

Montenegro and Croatia have some wonderfully exotic fruit growing in their gardens. For example, kiwi:

Pomegranates (you'll see one hiding in the right hand corner of the picture):

Carob. Apparently a good substitute for chocolate. All I can say is that, it looks interesting, and smells like smelly, stinky feet. We picked some and had to wrap it up in a plastic bag and hide it at the back of the car, otherwise the journey back would have been unbareable:

And then,... my absolute favourite fruit. The mighty FIG. 

We were lucky to have had a tree right in front of the place where we stayed in Montenegro. So, of course, we picked and picked.

Such a simple looking thing on the outside. Unassuming and plain, almost shy. But once you open it, you are treated to the sweetest taste imaginable and most wonderfully expansive and rich colours and texture. I love the almost "vulgar" and brazen look they hide inside. I could eat them all the time, all time.

And every day after a swim, this was my healthy and fresh treat:

I hope your summer was hot and full of nature's healthy gifts.
Here is to everything good that autumn brings.

Red xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Peeping Toms celebrating 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence

Hello all!!

Exactly 50 years ago Jamaica attained full independence from The United Kingdom and Brixton and Brixtonians took to the streets to mark the occasion. The sun was out, music was loud and food was good. But for me, it was the people that made the day. Of course, friends I was with, but also people I snapped along the way. Today was perfect for one of my favourite hobbies: people watching!

So, here is who I met today (as ever, click on the image to enlarge).

A very cool character, watching the festivities on stage:

A few boys moving to the old style reggae sounds:

Usain Bolt's biggest fan. She was popular with the crowd and happily posed for quite a few people:

A very proud owner of a unique bike. He paraded through Brixton throughout the afternoon, stopping every once in a while for people to take pictures of his precious treasure:

Then I spotted this man with a beautiful smile and cool style:

 Some took time out and enjoyed the celebration from the sides:

And then,... and then,... I saw someone that made my day. He stood there, unmoving, barely breathing, focused on his subject:

He was perfectly unaware that I stood there watching him, doing exactly the same thing he was doing to someone else. 
Peeping Tom? Me or him? Both of us? I know someone who often says "it takes one to know one", so maybe we both are!

Have a lovely week everyone and I hope that you get to spend time with people who you find interesting, that challenge you and make you smile!!

Red xx