Sunday, 29 April 2012

Still Raining in London

Hello all!!

It has been raining in London almost constantly for over a week now. I don't think I mind it much, although I can't say I am excited by having wet feet most of the time I am out.

So, not deterred by rain, I went to meet one of my favourite people down in Brixton market.

She treated us to cheese on toast with chutney and of course, coffees. Latte for her, and as ever, espresso for me. This treat was consumed at my favourite, Rosie's.

I bought two bouquets of tulips for her (forgot to take pictures), and two bouquets of carnations for me. While buying these, we discussed: "Flowers - luxury or necessity?" She thinks luxury and I of course think, an absolute necessity. We got two more people involved in the discussion, and by the time we purchased the flowers, all three of us convinced my friend that flowers are of course a necessity!

We then took a stroll around the market. Londoners do not fear rain. Here are just some of the pics of the happy eaters and rain defiers. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Brixton Village this busy. You could hardly walk through the crowds.

We saw three people fall down, helped one of them and then discussed "falling down" in literal and metaphorical way. You'd be amazed how much one can say on such a topic!

We then went up the hill to my house where we proceeded to talk life, theatre of course, (she is a fellow performer) and doing a short film about blogging. We had pasta, wine and jaffa cakes. Finally, we called it a day around 11pm. 

In my mind, this was somewhat of a perfect Saturday. 

Hope your weekend is as enjoyable as mine and you are spending it with people you love.

Red xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Colours and Bags Galore!

Hello all!!

I thought on this rainy day (well, at least it is raining here in London), I should bring you some colour. Although I haven' posted about my bags in a long while, it doesn't mean that I actually haven't been working quite a lot. I have done four big bags, although I am only showing three today.
The first one is for a friend who I have known for a very long time. She is one of my dearest friends with a beautiful soul and a lovely smile. She ordered an orange bag, and the rest of the design she left up to me (I love orange and green combination. One of my all time favourites). Here it is (as ever, click on the image to enlarge):

and the lining inside:

The other two bags are surprise presents for two beautiful girls I used to work with. I  became good friends with their mum and so two years on, we are still in touch. They now live in Glasgow and I was supposed to see them a few weeks ago. I was sick that day and couldn't meet them, so I put the bags in the post for them. I wish I saw them when they opened their package. Anyway, here are the bags. As the girls now live in Scotland, I went with that theme, and put Scottie dog as buttons:

As I said, I did one more bag, and that one is for me. It is a tote bag and I have been wearing it every day for he last two weeks. The colours are really strong and the bag brightens up the rainy London when I walk down the street (well, I think so). It took me a long time to make it, but it was well worth the effort. I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it, but I will, very soon and of course, I will post it here too.

I hope that you are enjoying the weather whether it's sunny, snowy or rainy. It has been raining really hard in London for a week now. I don't mind it, we need rain, although I have to admit, I am ready for sunshine. In fact I crave sunshine. In the mean time, here is some colour on Boye By Red to brighten up your day.

See you all soon.

Red xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Joys of Gardening

Dear all!!

I rarely put posts two days in a row, but as I did rather an unhappy post yesterday, I wanted to remedy things as quickly as possible and do a happier one.
In fact, I am feeling much better than I did yesterday. That's thanks to my mum and lovely friends Saff and Chanel (talking to them made all the difference). Also messages Jane and Lance and Diane left and their very latest posts - all contributed to my change of mood. Check their latest posts, they are inspiring:


So, this weekend has been all about me. Selfish? Maybe, but I have learnt over the years when I have tough time, the only way "to get back to myself" is to do kind things that sooth my soul and make me happy. So I made a lemon cake yesterday and spent hours reading a wonderful book about an 18th century sculptress Anne Damer and one of the most famous actress of that time, Elizabeth Farren. The book is called Life Mask and is very much recommended.
I also watched a very good German film The Badder Meinhof Complex about a West German far left extremist group operating in 1960s and 1970s. Again, this is strongly recommended. Not an easy viewing, but thought provoking. I found myself changing sides throughout the film, which is always a good thing.

These last few months I have constantly been having bad dreams. However, this morning I woke up from a very nice dream. I rarely dream of my grandmother (I think I should do a post about her one day as she was one of the most wonderful people I have ever met). She was smiling and I managed to take a very good look at her. It is also 25 years since she has died, as well as her birthday. So, when I woke up, I knew I was going to have a good day.

So, how does the gardening figure in all of this? Well, I have been meaning to clean my terrace for weeks now but was,... well, lazy (and of course busy with so many other things). When I talked to my mum yesterday, I promised I will at least start cleaning it this weekend (in fact, she called me late last night to check if I did!!) Well, as I didn't do any of it yesterday, I had to start today (nothing like disappointing your mum!!!)

So, here is how the jungle looks like:

Not pretty, right? And my Xmas tree also died. Apparently I didn't water it enough. Well, next year, I'll do better.
In the process of cleaning the terrace, I made a lot of mess elsewhere (this is something I do very well - in order to do one job properly, I create ten others in the process. Cleaning this bath will be a killer!).

As it started raining here again, I was allowed to take a break, have a coffee and cake and write this post. Just as the rain started, it just as quickly stopped, which means my break is over and I have to go and do more work. My mum will definitely be proud.

And so, with a little soul seaarching, culture, blogging and talking to people I love, I am now ready to go into a new week, happier, back to my self (if that makes sense) and able to turn obstacles into opportunities!

What do you do to "get back to yourself"? 

Have a lovely week everyone and thank you for visiting!!

Red xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Feeling Redundant

Hello all!!

Being back at work after a two week holiday has take its toll on me. Unusually, I have been very tired and somewhat redundant. Just like the house below:

So, to cheer myself up and to feel a little bit younger, I bought these:

Hope you are all having a good weekend and the sun is shining wherever you are.

Red xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Take The Last Train Home

Dear all!!

I am now back in London, but as promised there are a few more posts from my home country.

I am not really sure how to introduce this post. So, here are pictures first, then maybe a few words afterwords (as ever, click to enlarge).

So, the topic of today's post is trains. And not just any trains, but very old, almost redundant ones. In my opinion they make for the most photogenic of subjects.
I admit this is a very random post, but then my interests are very random, so I suppose it is not a big surprise they are making an appearance here. These trains are at the outskirts of Tuzla (town I come from) and for years now I saw them only from the car. Then, a few months ago, I saw them on one of the blogs I follow and made it my mission to search for them next time I go back home.

So, I took my camera and went looking for these majestic beasts. It took an hour, a few kids on the street and a man watching me from one of the houses nearby to give me the directions to this wonderful, almost abandoned destination. And as I stood there admiring these old machines, memories of my childhood came flooding back.

I remember taking the train with my mum and aunt to the Croatian coast when I was not more than maybe 7 years old. I still remember how excited I was before we travelled, and then how hot it was in the old, tattered, busy carriage. The rest of the family travelled there by car, and as there was no space for everybody, the three of us took the train. This was a wonderful treat for me; it made me feel older and more important for some reason.
And then, years later, I would take the train as a teenager with my friends and again the destination was seaside. The journeys there were as exciting as the actual holidays. Going on a holiday with friends, no parents to watch over us, meeting new people on the train was such a grown up thing to do. I am not a particularly nostalgic person, but these times are some of the best times of my life.

I also recalled a story my grandmother told me. Her and my grandfather were travelling on the train with one of their daughters (she was maybe 5-6 years old, so think 50-60 years ago), and as the train pulled in one of the stations for a break, they got off to get a coffee and, the train took off unexpectedly but,... they forgot their daugther completely. I don't remember how they reunited, but suffice to say, they did find her, and the story is now just a part of our family's history (and my grandmother's craziness).

And what about these trains then? Well, they do not carry passengers but I think they are still in use, transporting heavy goods from town to town. I would actually love to travel on an old train again, or failing that, do a performance on it of some sort.

What about you? Is there anything that takes you back in time and remind you of your childhood and some good stories and memories?

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Red xx


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear all!!

Welcome to my home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I have lived in London for almost 21 years now and it is my home. I love it, I miss it when I am away for too long.
However, I am lucky to have two homes and every time I come back to Bosnia, my childhood comes flooding back. The smells, the sounds, the people, my mum's cooking; all very familiar and all very much a part of me.

Here are a few details of my latest visit:

My aunt's cakes. Easy to make, not too sweet or fatty and probably the best thing since slice bread. In translation, they would be called Princess' Doughnuts (if you'd make doughnuts for royalty, this would be it).

You would make a very good choice if you had them with traditional Bosnian coffee. Very strong, but delicious. Coffee is very important in our country. Most people drink it and friends meet for coffee and a chat very, very often. It is actually one of the defining features of our cultural/ social life. When spring comes, people are out, drinking coffee in cafe's gardens. And more likely than not, when you go to someone's house, they will make you coffee without even asking if you want any. It is a given thing that you will have at least one cup. I love it and I miss that from London life. I have a few friends I meet for coffees on a regular basis, but even that takes so much arranging and is not always as spontaneous as it is here.

While I am here, there is a 10 year anniversary of a Festival of Cabaret Theatre. I didn't get the chance to see anything, but I rather love the poster for it:

Now, this next bit is very dear to my heart. This is my dad's boat and is probably 35 years old. I was with my dad when he bought it (I was about 5 years old), and at that time if you were buying something as big as a boat, you needed a guarantor to vouch for you and to say that they will pay if the buyer doesn't. Well, apparently I was so chatty (nothing new there) that the seller told my dad; "I don't need a better guarantor for your boat, she is quiet perfect!" I was just reminded of that story by my parents, and although I don't remember it, I definitely recognise my little self in it. 

And, we have had many, many happy memories on this boat. We have a cottage nearby the biggest artificial lake in Europe, called Modrac, and I have spent many happy summers in there. Although this boat hasn't been on water for the last at least 7-8 years, my dad promised he'll take it out for a ride this summer. For now, here it is, waiting to sail:

How about you? What do you call home? 
There will be more Bosnian treats in the next few days. In the mean time, enjoy!!

Red xx