Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Joys of Gardening

Dear all!!

I rarely put posts two days in a row, but as I did rather an unhappy post yesterday, I wanted to remedy things as quickly as possible and do a happier one.
In fact, I am feeling much better than I did yesterday. That's thanks to my mum and lovely friends Saff and Chanel (talking to them made all the difference). Also messages Jane and Lance and Diane left and their very latest posts - all contributed to my change of mood. Check their latest posts, they are inspiring:


So, this weekend has been all about me. Selfish? Maybe, but I have learnt over the years when I have tough time, the only way "to get back to myself" is to do kind things that sooth my soul and make me happy. So I made a lemon cake yesterday and spent hours reading a wonderful book about an 18th century sculptress Anne Damer and one of the most famous actress of that time, Elizabeth Farren. The book is called Life Mask and is very much recommended.
I also watched a very good German film The Badder Meinhof Complex about a West German far left extremist group operating in 1960s and 1970s. Again, this is strongly recommended. Not an easy viewing, but thought provoking. I found myself changing sides throughout the film, which is always a good thing.

These last few months I have constantly been having bad dreams. However, this morning I woke up from a very nice dream. I rarely dream of my grandmother (I think I should do a post about her one day as she was one of the most wonderful people I have ever met). She was smiling and I managed to take a very good look at her. It is also 25 years since she has died, as well as her birthday. So, when I woke up, I knew I was going to have a good day.

So, how does the gardening figure in all of this? Well, I have been meaning to clean my terrace for weeks now but was,... well, lazy (and of course busy with so many other things). When I talked to my mum yesterday, I promised I will at least start cleaning it this weekend (in fact, she called me late last night to check if I did!!) Well, as I didn't do any of it yesterday, I had to start today (nothing like disappointing your mum!!!)

So, here is how the jungle looks like:

Not pretty, right? And my Xmas tree also died. Apparently I didn't water it enough. Well, next year, I'll do better.
In the process of cleaning the terrace, I made a lot of mess elsewhere (this is something I do very well - in order to do one job properly, I create ten others in the process. Cleaning this bath will be a killer!).

As it started raining here again, I was allowed to take a break, have a coffee and cake and write this post. Just as the rain started, it just as quickly stopped, which means my break is over and I have to go and do more work. My mum will definitely be proud.

And so, with a little soul seaarching, culture, blogging and talking to people I love, I am now ready to go into a new week, happier, back to my self (if that makes sense) and able to turn obstacles into opportunities!

What do you do to "get back to yourself"? 

Have a lovely week everyone and thank you for visiting!!

Red xx


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Red:
To open this post, to read our names and to discover a link to our blog came as a complete surprise. How really kind and generous of you to have done this which is so unexpected, so unnecessary, but, we assure you, so very much appreciated.

We are so glad that you are feeling more yourself and, very sensibly(!!) in our view, are carrying out your mother's instructions to get busy with sorting the terrace! And what a wonderful space with huge potential. We absolutely love the colour of your garden furniture, so wacky, and think how 'fabby' it would look if you were to fill a large container with a mass of knicker-pink pelargoniums [geraniums] alongside and then, to be totally grown up [but not really, because who wants to be?], place terracotta pots either side of the door with box [Buxus sempervirens] balls or spirals in them. Although they are a little expensive, if looked after they will last for decades, and will add just that element of formality to allow for frivolity elsewhere.

The film sounds exactly the kind we should find most interesting We shall look out for it. Possibly on DVD?

Whatever, to not be down and have fun!

Boye By Red said...

I am not a good gardner Jane and Lance, however i think i will have to take the experts' advice and do exactly what you've suggested! I will give it a good go and let you know if it works out. I am a bit nervous when it comes to gardening (and baking), but that shouldn't stop me being more adventorous, right?

As for your blog appearing on mine - well, the more poeple read it, the better. It has goven me so many happy moments, i am certain that more people should enjoy it too.

And as always, thank you for visiting and for kind words!


Denimtarian said...

thank you for your comment.

Nice Post!

Feel free to visit me again. I will be happy about that.

Cappuccino frío said...

I love gardens!!!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I think doing things that soothe your soul, just for you, is the only way to gain your equalibrium back. I hope you do many more happy fun things for yourself, eat brownies, take naps, baths, and watch funny movies--or some version of this that gives you a warm happy feeling. Sending you lots of good thoughts!

xo Mary Jo

Alexa said...

I Love to garden! Can't wait to get out in the garden this spring.