Monday, 21 May 2012

Queen's Guard, Street Musicians and Vintage Shirts - My Kind of Strolling Around Brixton!

Hello all!!

Last time I was in Brixton, I pointed my camera at pretty much everything (actually, I always do that). Usually, out of 50 snaps, 5 are OK-ish. Here are a few that I quite like. 

This scene is very rarely seen in London. This is more European and Latin American thing. The sounds were pretty and musicians handsome.

Nothing new here; flowers always get my attention:

I've been looking at this headboard for at least 3-4 months (the one in the background with the Queen's guard). I finally decided, I am buying it. It won't go above my bed, but on the wall as a picture. The shop keeper said I was the first person who noticed it. Nobody has ever commented or enquired about it. In my world, it is too gorgoeus for words:

Don't know why I didn't buy this vintage shirt. I am going back to the market this week to get it. I have a feeling, it will suit me perfectly:

Hope you are enjoying colour and lazy days wherever you are in the world.

Red xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Let's Celebrate the Queen's Jubillee. Actually, let's not!

Hello all!!

The title of the post is somewhat deceiving. As I am a republican when it comes to Royalty in the UK, I will not be celebrating the Queen's jubilee in June. However, I just have to share these funky photos from the great and very English and traditional institution, Selfridges. I love their window displays and in particular, I love these.
I will be putting a few posts showing how's London preparing for the event. And can I just say again, for the record - I am NOT celebrating the event, I am just sharing other people's creative ways of marking the event. So, here it goes. Instalment number 1:

Are there any celebrations where you are? Enjoy!!

Red xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Calm, Order and Colour In the Market

Hello all!!

Just wanted to share a few images that bring me clam and order. They have all been taken in the market. Who would have thought that you can find calm a order in such a busy and bustling place.

I hope you are having a calm week. More pretty images soon.

Red xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

What's On in Brixton?

Hello all!!

It keeps raining in London while the rest of Europe is enjoying a heatwave of sorts. 

So, on a rainy day, you could stroll down to the market and enjoy one of these:

Art work at the fabulous boutique Brixi:

A new movie about Bob Marley at The Ritzy:

An exhibition if you are movie lover:

Or you can stay inside and watch the world go by:

Have a great week everyone.

Red xx