Monday, 6 May 2013

Enjoying London Life

Hello all!!

Lately I have been enjoying the sun and amazing things that London has on offer.

To celebrate Igor Stravinsky's 100 years of Rite of Spring, friends and I went to see Fabulous Beast's interpretation of the work at the Sadlers Wells:

The poster looks great, doesn't it? Well, the performance wasn't that good, but the music was absolutely beautiful. If you want to catch a more interesting and compelling Rite of Spring, head to you tube and watch Pina Bausch's version. Stunning. I was lucky to have seen it a few years ago (with Pina Bausch herself coming out at the end to bow). Here is the link to a part of that performance:

Then to start off the long weekend this Friday, a friend and I went to see this year's blockbuster exhibition, Light Show at the Haywards Gallery. Not all of the work captured my imagination, but I still recommend it, if it comes to where you live. A number of different artists have made light installations using, well, light as inspiration. Some of the stuff made me giggle and wander like a kid, and other,... well, I spent very little contemplating it. 

Later that evening, we enjoyed a sunset on the Thames. I never tire of the site from the river:

As well as enjoying some cultural life London has to offer, I also spotted some seriously trendy and iinteresting looking people:

And whilst shopping for my veggies at the market, this caught my attention:

So, what's on your cultural menu this month?
I've got a few more dance performances planned for the next few weeks, and of course new Almodovar's film, I Am So Excited. Can't wait for that.

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start. And whatever you do, don't forget to enjoy it and savour the moment.

Red xx