Saturday, 19 November 2011

More stylish Camden people, part 2

Hello all,

as promised in the last post, here are few more pictures of stylish people in Camden:

Faces are bit blurred, but the coat is great!

I love this vintage jacket. The colour is beautiful.

Stylish or funny? What do you think?

I like the hat, just not sure if I'd wear it.

Shorts are very in this season on London's high streets.

A mish mash of colour and furry hats. 

And by far my favourite people I spotted that day in Camden Market. They look fabulous, funky, stylish and that pink coat is to die for!

So, there goes the tour of stylish Camden Market. Whatever people in Paris, Milan or Rome think, in my humble opinion, Londoners are the most stylish people, at least in Europe if not in the world. We don't follow rules when it comes to clothes, eclectic and colourful is the name of the game.

Hope you are all having a stylish weekend too.

Red xx


Anonymous said...

poser in uniform is hilarious.

Boye By Red said...

Hello anon,
He is, isn't he? :-) xx

Anonymous said...

I used to love mooching about Camden, I think people dress more like individuals in London than anywhere else in the world.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Great photos but shorts in winter :(( Diane

Boye By Red said...

I know Diane, and this is nothing. I sometimes see girls in dead winter, we are talking almost bellow zero, standing outside night clubs in tiny strapless dresses, heels on and no tights. 20 years on, i am still amazed by it every time i see it.

fashion and frank said...

I am so with you on the vintage jacket - love it- it has been a long time since i last visited Camden - went to old church street the other day - does that count - camden way?? xx

Boye By Red said...

Yeah, it does count Claire :-)
So many fab places in London, don't you think? Xx