Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little Things in Life That Make Me Happy

Hello all!!

After a somewhat "serious" post, here is one that is on a more positive note; things that have made me happy in the last month or so.

Of course, food. Good, delicious food makes me happy. I eat healthy food and take care of what I eat, but I also allow myself less healthy stuff, every once in a while. It is all about balance. My mum makes the best baklava in the world, and so here is half of one, together with a roulade made of chocolate and walnuts. Seriously delicious:

Then, my aunt's famous custard buns. She makes it every time I go back home. It is a real treat, and it reminds me of my childhood:

Of course, a good pizza is always welcome (and can I just say, Balkan countries do know how to make a good pizza). And, a good salad to go with it:

A good, strong coffee is a staple in my diet :-) and this one was especially delicious as it had my sister's silhouette in it when I was taking a photo of it:

This picture has nothing to do with food, but I like it and I agree with its political sentiment. I saw quite a few of these in Sarajevo. This one was in a dark alley and it made me smile:

And of course, bad spelling. Who doesn't like that?

What makes you smile and happy? What do you see when when you look up?

Hope you all have a lovely and fun weekend.

Red xx



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Red:
We think it absolutely wonderful that you should take pleasure in these simple things of life. We do agree with you about food, which we love to eat, and do try ourselves, like you, to balance healthy eating with the occasional treat such as a pudding, seldom had at home, and nearly always eaten in a restaurant.

Magical Day Dream said...

Food makes me happy too haha. Especially chocolate and coffee. Also, I am quite excited that my braces will come off in a couple of days after 2,5 year!



Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Love that you find things to make you smile in the little things in life. Today I saw a
"dramatic cat" video and it made me smile.

xo Mary Jo