Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beautiful Snow in SW London

Hello all!!

I love, love, love snow. It makes me happy; it makes me smile and it brings out the kid in me. I can't quite contain my excitement when it snows. Walking also becomes more interesting. You never know when you might fall down on an icy patch and recreate a slapstick comedy scene. It is just too much fun. Everything is beautiful; there is a strange sound of "silence" in the air, and of course, fresh air. What's there not to like?

It started snowing on Friday. Then the beautiful white stuff took a break on Saturday and was replaced by rain (just when I planned to go sledging!!) but came back in full force over night. I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow.

I took two long walks around my neighbourhood. Now, it is not exactly known for the beautiful landscape, but I think you will agree that it looks quite pretty now:

My terrace and my freezing lavender and rosemary:

The streets are deserted and beautiful:


Some pretty plants down the street from me have new clothes:

My feet are well protected in Birkenstocks:

Some people are still in the festive mood:

And some people are in the mood for love:

And some people,... well, I need not comment on this one. The picture speaks for itself:

So, hello snow and hello world. 
Let's enjoy it while it is here:

I hope you are loving the weather wherever you are in the world. I certainly am and am living in the moment.

Have a happy week everyone!!!

Red xx


1 comment:

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Red:
Like you, we too love the snow. And it is a long time since we have seen London quite so blanketed as you show in your pictures.

Here Hungary mostly lies under deep drifts but not so Budapest which has largely escaped the worst of the weather. However, we remain hopeful that there will be more before the winter is through.