Saturday, 23 February 2013

Observing the Observers

Hello all!!

This week has been a mixture of rehearsals, arts application filling, relaxing and exhibitions.

Well, attempting to see an exhibition. I've been wanting to see Man Ray's portraits for years and finally his exhibition arrived in London this month. Armed with excitement and a quick step, I was quickly disappointed by large crowds in the gallery.

An odd thing about galleries - such public places, yet we go there for a private and even intimate experience with art. Few people here and there is fine, but crowding around a picture with ten others is not my idea of enjoying art. So, I postponed Man Ray for another day and decided to go around the National Portrait Gallery and observe the observers. I spent considerable time watching people watch Marylin Monroe:

And this woman spent considerable time studying pictures in detail. I was on the floor above and had a perfect bird's eye view of her:

And then, as I was about to leave, I spotted something unusual. I saw it was a bit odd but couldn't really say what. 

How often do you see legs without the body and the head, right? Well, I hope not that often, unless it is in this context.

Clearly this was not the day to see Man Ray but to spot other exhibits in the gallery.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Red xx



Saf said...

I love it! Never even heard of Man Ray so my cultural catch up is hugely overdue.
Do you think that woman studying the Marilyn photos was Marilyn herself?? Perhaps? :):) xx

Natalia A said...

Thank you for the story! Something new for me to learn. Sorry to hear it was crowded - I guess if the exhibit was permanent, it would be a completely different story.