Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pretty Things In My Corner

Hello all!!

My week has been very busy and pretty fabulous. I got lots done (lots of life admin stuff too!!) and also enjoyed myself on the way. Some of my highlights - eating dinner with favourite friends, walking through London streets late in the evening in very warm weather, rehearsing and being on the same page with my director and striking a conversation with a random person on the bus. Pretty good going, I think.

On Monday I got a lovely present from a friend. It turns out not only do we share the love for reading, but we seem to be interested in similar subjects too. She recommend a book called 26a by Diana Evans and now I have a duty to recommend it to you too. It is written by an English/ Nigerian writer and the story is about two identical twin sisters. They are inseparable, but something happens when they are young girls and their lives change forever. The book is beautifully written and it has made me cry quite a few times. One of the sisters tells the other: "Life tastes better with you." It is probably one of my favourite quotes ever.
Well, on Monday this friend surprised me with another book, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (author of The Virgin Suicides). 

I will only tell you this: it is a story of a person who was born a girl, but was actually a boy. If that doesn't grip you, I don't know what will. I am already hooked. The good thing is that the book is very long, so I have many enjoyable hours ahead of me. There is nothing more exciting than when someone recommends a good book. One of many life's pleasures, don't you think?

Now, to slightly more trivial things in my life. I have been very lucky to have received lots of nice presents this year. Some of my favourites are these beauties. Paraben and SLS free, very natural and they smell really nice. I strongly recommend both:

A fabulous necklace from someone who doesn't know me that well, but knows my style. Apparently when they saw it, they thought of me. They got me spot on with this:

And then when I came back from my holiday, I treated myself to something very cheap, but in my mind, priceless. I absolutely adore crockery. I can never have enough of it, and charity shops in London are full of these little cups. These are my latest finds:

The first cup is really tiny although it appears pretty big in this picture. It is quite old and clearly a part of a big set. They only had one and I just couldn't resist it. The other two are perfect for when I want a coffee but not too big. All in all, lovely things.

I hope you all had a good week too. What is the book on your coffee table at the moment? Have you bought yourself something nice lately? 

And, and,... at the moment I am watching the last season of Dexter. Not really sure how I'm going to go through my life once it ends, but I suppose I'll manage somehow. 
That's all for now, I am off for my date with that charming serial killer.

Have a happy week everyone.

Red xx


Fifi said...

Really like the look of those healthier products.

Gorgeous cup and saucer too.

What are your favourite places to eat at in London at the moment? I still love reading about fabulous eating places in the UK, especially new places which continue to pop up. in the capital.

Fifi xxx

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

So many lovely things! As for Dexter - the very last season is due to be released in November (yay!!!), so you won't have to suffer for long. I cannot wait to see it either. :)