Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye,... Diversity and Detail

Hello all!

It's been a while since I last posted. Been busy, restless, excited, hyper active, stressed out, ... all of it at the same time! Now that I am back to my senses and I am a bit calmer, I am back in the blog land and ready to go.

I have taken these pictures over the last few months; some in Brixton, some in central, and some in East London. As I have mentioned before, I like to look for detail and for the unusual. Those things inspire me, calm me down and I am at peace with myself when I notice the small, the strange and inevitably, the beautiful.

These are a few things that caught my eye along the way. They are a bit random, just how I feel at the moment. The pictures have no narrative, they are just things that got my imagination going. Make of them what you will, they are open to interpretation. In my mind, they all tell, not one story, but many. Hope you enjoy them (click on the picture to enlarge the image):

I love crockery. If I could, I'd be buying it every day, all the time, all the time. You can never have enough saucers, I say (you guessed it, I have many). This one took my fancy. I was in half a mind to thief it, but thought better of it. Not my style.

Beautiful hands of the most beautiful friend. Her nails are always painted in bright colours. However, she has just started a massaging course, so her nails have to be clean, sans nail varnish. She feels naked without at least toes covered in a funky colour. I agree with her. You won't catch me dead without my red nail varnish (in particular on my toes). Never!!!

I don't have much to add to this picture, apart from,... I love buttons. I am not obsessed by them, I just like a good button.

This picture was taken in Brixton market. Nothing special about it, I just love the colours and the exposition. I am not a photographer, but I do take a good picture from time to time, if I may say so myself.

Aloe Vera - very good for your skin and wounds. You can get it fresh in our market.

This is what was in my shopping basket one Saturday afternoon. Everything a girl needs: a new bright green jumper, aubergines, red peppers, old, Queen tin box and of course, a scary Barbie. To be honest, I have a problem with Barbies from a political and feminist point of view, but I had to have this one. She is a red head like me, a bit tattered and not at her best. I must have been feeling like her that day since I took her home. I am in two minds of starting a collection of demented Barbies, placed all around the house. Well, they are just ornamental, no?

On a VERY different note, here is a picture of a shop in Brixton. The legendary RUN DMC. You can't pass by this shop and not smile (in a sombre kind of way). 

And as Monty Python says, "And now, for something completely different". 

This is my favourite piece of art ever made (that includes poetry, painting, dance, theatre, film, visual art,... anything). It is The Kiss by Rodin. I have seen it many, many times and I am still taken by it like I was the first time I saw it. Tate Modern in London exhibits it in very random, unexpected and I think, wonderful ways. I once saw it right by the entrance of the Book Shop in the gallery. How wrong to keep a piece like this in such a place and yet, how very, very appropriate. I can elaborate on this and write a whole essay, but I'll leave you to make up your own mind. I think a random place is perfect. Time and time again, I am reminded that a piece of art is so dependant on the the context of where it is performed or shown. The two cannot separated. The context is everything. (When I took this picture it was sitting in a room of its own, on the second or third floor, I can't remember. Again, the piece became something else. Definitely more intimate). 

So, this is how I have been feeling like since I last posted. Random, excited, tender, excitable, high, low. One thing is for sure, i never forgot to look for the extraordinary in things, places and people. 

How have you been since we last talked? I hope you have been inspired, moved, kissed, hugged or touched in a kind way.

Have a fab rest of the week.

Red xx


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Such a wonderfully eclectic mix which, despite what you begin by saying, does, in fact, contain the narrative of life. For it is these random ideas and images which determine who we are and, we believe, mould us as individuals.

As for a collection of demented Barbie dolls, we think that this is a wonderful idea for, like you, we think the whole concept is so appalling that it needs to be preserved. And why not with you?

Yes, we last saw the Rodin completely isolated. In such a situation it makes for an even bigger statement.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Love this collection of photos. I have a whole tin of buttons that my Mum has collected over the years, they are fascinating. DCiane

Fifi B said...

BBR - How are you???? Hope the first few weeks have been going well. I miss the Brixton markets a lot! You have such a fabulous collection of images, the buttons are really cute too. Fifi x

Boye By Red said...

Jane and lance - thanks for your message. You are right, there is a life narrative within this post. It is random but that's what life often is.
I might just start that collection of Barbies and i am sure i'll be posting them in due time. A friend of mine thinks that if i start the collection, my house will turn into a freaky place. I think it will be surprising more than anything else, as i am the last person you could think of wanting to collect them.
Hope all is well with you.

Boye By Red said...

Diane, thank you for your kind comments. I would so love to have a little peak at that tin with buttons. I am sure it is wonderful and curious. Maybe one day you'll post them. In fact,i think we should have a button day in the land of blog!

Boye By Red said...

I miss seeing you and hearing your voice around the school. I really do.
Things are hectic as they always are at the start of the year. Lots of books and admin stuff to do. And setting the bounderies for the kids which they are inveitabely already breaking.
My LSA job is going well, although honeymoon period is over - we had lots of interesting stuff happening today.
However, i am relying on my instinct to get me through!
I am also going on a school journey next week,with year 6. I don't know what to expect, but i think i am looking forward to it.

As for the bonsai tree - it is still alive. I have watered it once and have taken it upon myself to take care of it. It is sitting in our window, in a bright and sunny place and reminds me of you when i see it.

But how are you? Have you settled down yet, or are things hectic? It must be lovely to be near your friends and family. But just so you know, we do miss you.

Let me know howyou are, i really want to kow and then i can forward the news to the others too.


Anonymous said...

What a great post. Well I've been a miserable wretch, focusing on the negative as always, I like a good brood. But when I see things like mad demented Barbies and green jumpers, the world seems like it might have something to offer again. Oh and The Tate, if only i still lived in London.

Saf said... 'should of' fiefed it:)Thank you for the blog and the photos and the barbies (that's still the only one, right?)and thank you for a special mention...Thanks to you the nails are bright red until Sunday night:)Love you lots and see you

Saf said...

Oh, and I forgot to say thank you for the Rodin image, how lovely to see it!xxx

fashion and frank said...

The things that move us are the little things that make life just that bit more interesting - had a good day today - mad busy at work but we all laughed and got on with it and then i took Frank for a lovely long walk and the sun shone - very normal day but a very good one - and yes i love the tate - that would be another very good day x

Boye By Red said...

Oh Tabitha, i could have guessed that demented Barbies would have taken your fancy. Ha ha!
And brooding a little is always welcome in my world!

Boye By Red said...

Fashion and Frank - so glad you had a good day. It is good to sometimes just not do much more than work, have a laugh and walk in the sun. In fact, that is what makes us appreciate all the other things in life. X

Boye By Red said...

Safs, you can come back for another sleep over any time and we can do our nails together next time.
Love you loads and loads xx

Saf said...

Thanks poodlich, love you.xx

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I love your post, and The Kiss has been one of my favorites too since I was a teenager.

xo Mary Jo

Ramona said...

It's nice to hear from you again.

Great post. The Kiss is wonderful piece of art. Thank you for showing.

<3 <3 <3

Boye By Red said...

Hi Mary Jo, thanks for stopping by.
The Kiss is amazing from wherever you look at it and like you, it has been my favourite for years and years.


Boye By Red said...

Hej Ramona,

Hvala na posjeti.


fashion and frank said...

Just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks for your really lovely comment - much appreciated x