Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pigeons, carnations and lazy Sundays in Brixton

Hello all!!

After a pretty stressful week back at school, my weekend was somewhat uneventful and Sunday in particular was lazy. 
I went down to Brixton for a coffee with a friend and then had a stroll around the market. It was pretty quiet. There were a few people having their lunch in Brixton village but that was about it. Still, there were many things that caught my eye and here are some of them I pictured along the way (click on the picture to enlarge).

This man provided entertainment while we were at Rosie's but unfortunately I had no change with me to pay for his efforts.

There are many wig shops in Brixton market (at least 15) but this one caught my attention because of the sign in the window. I don't know what to make of it :-)

In one of the avenues in the arcade I spotted a bicycle with a rather optimistic message.

Just around the corner, I found a somehwat inticing window. I am only not sure if this "one stop shop for everything" is an advertisment for cakes and church enthusiasts or an invitation for burgulars to come in and take their money.


However, if it is not cakes, money or church halls you need tending to, then you can buy fabulous decoration in the Rejuvenate shop.

Glad to report that Elvis is alive and well and his instruments are hanging at the doors of Brixton restaurants.

Born in Southwark and grew up in Camberwell, Michael Caine also made an appearance in our hood :-)

While the rest of us were lazying around, it was reassuring to see this man hard at work in his shop of wanders where you can get all sorts of different Asian food and while you're at it, you can also buy yourself a bag, a dress or even a piece of jewellery.

And just as you are done with your shopping, you can hop into this salon and get your hair done too. As you can see from the adverts outside, the possibilities to have your hair looking fabulous are endless.

Not only did the Brixtonians need a rest on Sunday, pigeons thought they deserved a break too.

 As for me, I treated myself to my favourite flowers:

Now, back to work tomorrow after a lazy Sunday.

What did you do this weekend? Whatever it was, I hope you enjoyed it.




Anonymous said...

Lovely carnations! Do they smell?

Boye By Red said...

Thank you anon. They don't smell but they have definitelly brightened up my room.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bonnie said...

I want to go in a wig store sometime and play with all of the fake hair. That sounds like a good time.
(Not in a creepy way.)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Maybe there is a lack of men in Brazil LOL Diane

Boye By Red said...

Welcome to my blog Bonnie.

I know what you mean. It could be like drrssing up but for hair! I think it is a fab idea!


Boye By Red said...

Diane, ha ha, your comment really made me laugh.
What would all those hunky Brazilian men say if they heard you!?

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

So fun to see this pictures. That grey dress in the window looks lovely!

As for my bag choice--I think I'm leaning toward a new zip bag, but could use a few of the ones in the poll!

xo Mary Jo

Katie said...

Great pictures Looks like such an adventure :)

Jazzy said...
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Anonymous said...

do the carnations still smell ;)?


Boye By Red said...

Ha ha, anon, nope, they still don't smell -:)

fashion and frank said...

Looks like a really fab Sunday - mine was somewhat manic - think i need a chilled one very soon! x

Boye By Red said...

Fashion and Frank - i know what you mean. Manic and busy are fun, but doing nothing can also be so enjoyable. Xx