Monday, 24 October 2011

Pattern, calm, peace, order

Hello all!!

It's been a while since I last posted. Last few weeks have been eventful, full of surprises (good and not so good), emotional ups and downs. This past weekend was full of good and bad. I have been very lucky to have spent it with people I love and like, caring and gentle even if they didn't know me that well. Strangers sometimes surprise you and show their caring side more than people you think are your friends. So I now need order, calm, gentleness and peace.
I find these much needed things in the pictures below:

I know, strange mixture of images and you are probably wondering how is this bringing calm into my life. I don't know, the composition of things and objects in the pictures, the colours and the nature's way of ordering things in her own way seem to be doing the trick. 

I have never posted music here, but I have been listening to this song the whole day and it seems to be soothing my soul. Hope you enjoy it too.

Hope you are peaceful and calm wherever you are.

Red xx


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Red:
Nature in so many of its forms is a place to which it is good to turn when life seems to be more of s rollercoaster than usual. So, we can well understand how you find some kind of solace in these images, an ordering of the mind, a reassurance that life goes on and to every thing there is a season.

We hope that your week too will be calmer and that you will find the peace which you currently seek. Take great care!

Boye By Red said...

Dear Jane and Lance,

Thank you for such lovely message. I am sure things will fall into place and everything will slowly become more peaceful and calmer.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Hoping you feel calmer and more peaceful--order, arranging, even cleaning can be good for the soul. Glad you had the chance to spend it with some good people who made you feel better!

xo Mary Jo

Bonnie said...

Cleaning can really help bring order back to your life. I know that getting organized helps me feel better. :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Boye By Red said...

Hello Mary Jo, thank you for your lovely message. See you on your sites which i am loving, by the way.

Red x

Boye By Red said...

Hello Bonnie,

Thank you for visiting. That's exactly what i did today. I've cleaned my flat and i have to admit, i felt much better. Somehow, i brought back orderinto my life by taking care of my environment.
Red xx

Fifi B said...

BRB - Your post has totally helped me to feel calm and centered. I have had a similar week and it is so lovely when the universe sends you messages about what is important in life and not to worry too much about everything which is going on. I love the music link! My favourite calming song is the classical piece of music called The Lark Ascending. It is possible to listen to it on youtube as well. Fifi xoxo

fashion and frank said...

Peace and calm are usually very missing in my life and i agree with you they are very important that and surrounding yourself with positive people which i always do - order is a great way to ascert control and if you saw my shoe cupboard you would know quite how much i need to - good week to you x

Boye By Red said...

Hello Fifi,
Thank you for your lovely message. I am going to listen to The Lark Ascending. I need stuff like that at the moment. Hope you are feeling better too. Red xx

Fashion and Frank - i think i'll do my closet tomorrow. Take everything out and then chuck things out mercilessely. I have a feeling that might help.
Thanks for stopping by.
Red xx