Thursday, 6 October 2011

"What's in my shopping basket" episode 4

Hello all!!

So, autumn is upon us. The sky is not as blue, the sun is shy, the colours on the trees are changing from green to beautiful reds, browns, yellows and golden. And what better way to celebrate then buy yourself a new, yellow dress.

I saw this dress in Top Shop ten days ago and really don't know why I didn't buy it there and then. It goes without saying that I couldn't stop thinking about it since then and finally I made my way to central London and got the beauty (the last one in my size). 

I played dressing up at home today (my favourite hobby), trying it out with different accessories, different shoes, tights. And of course I took pictures of it too (a friend took the picture from the back, as the detail at the back is beautiful and it really makes the dress.)
I know a few people who say "Oh, yellow doesn't suit me, it just isn't my colour." Well, I strongly disagree. I think that everyone can (and should) wear all colours (of course, not all at the same time). It has nothing to do with not suiting, it has everything to do with confidence and wanting to be playful with colour, daring to stand out. I love colour, and I love strong, vibrant colours, and if I might say so myself, this colour looks quite good on me :-)

So, here is my new purchase. I can't wait to wear it (maybe this Saturday on a night out):

And the back:

What you can't see is a thin, red belt that parts the dress. It reminds me of dresses Betsy wears in the fabulous Mad Men (note, I said reminds. I know it is not the same and it is much much cheaper than the apparel she wears). In this case, the decor is my hallway and not the stylish 60's furniture. But as I said, I was playing dressing up at home, so prettier pictures of this happy dress will follow once I take it out for a walk. 

Another fantastic buy in my shopping basket is the writings of the giant of the art world, Loiuse Bourgeois. I keep dipping in and out of it, and her determination, creativity and imagination is inspiring. Once I have read a bit more, I'll probably post some of her writings. 

I am very tired, excited and excitable these days (I think my excitement tires me out) and also pretty happy. That's the way to enter a new season. And of course, in a new dress.

How are you celebrating the beginning of autumn, or spring as the case might be for some of you? Have you treated yourself to something nice and pretty?

Have fabulous weekend.

Red xx


Anonymous said...

autumn cleaning here ;), no shopping for me, oh lying i bought new bindings.
have a good rest.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Great dress! There's nothing like new clothes for the fall! I got a red plaid jacket and wore it for the first time yesterday--it's so bright and yet after the shock of wearing it for the first time I found myself thinking how I'd like to wear it every day!

xo Mary Jo

Emina said...

aaa to je ta haljina, stvarno je divna, jako mi se sviđa taj model, ja isto tako, čim kupim nešto novo, odmah pola sata isprobavanja :D

Fifi B said...

What a gorgeous dress, fab purchase. I particularly like how the top half hangs slightly over the waist. Have a fab night out! Fifi x

Boye By Red said...

Anon - bindings are important too :-)

Mary Jo - ooo, your jacket sounds lovely. Now that the fall is here, you can enjoy it more often.

Emina - nema ništa bolje nego kad kupiš nešto novo i onda provedeš quality time i isprobavaš kombinacije. Super hobi.

Fifi - thank you for the lovely comment. I ended up wearing something else in the end last night, but already have a night out in mind when the new dress will make an appearance. Xx

fashion and frank said...

I did treat myself this weekend - to be featured later this week - so glad you are happy and excited it kind of is that time of year and yes i love a new season and trying on is one of my fave past-times - lovely dress - it really looks fab on you x

yiqin; said...

nice :)