Sunday, 26 February 2012

Funfairs - Not The Funnest of Places!!!

Hello all,

it's been a while since I last posted. I have been a little bit lazy. I've still been visiting all the wonderful blogs around the world but just didn't have the inspiration to write my own. I've taken a lot of pictures in the last few weeks, so I should be posting more often.

As you can see from the title, today's theme is funfairs and fairgrounds.
I have a love/ hate relationship with funfair grounds. They fascinate me, but at the same time I find them seedy and macabre. There is something about them that perturbs me and attracts me at the same time.

I am woking on a performance about immigraion in the UK at the moment and our starting point is funfairs. At least, at this point in the process, this is where we will set the piece. The performance is called Dreamland (pinched it from the old fairground in Margate, which unfortunately doesn't exist any more) that responds quite well to the subject of immigration. 
So, in the name of research, I went to a funfair that came to the area where I live about a week ago. I went the day before thefunfair closed. It was a cold night and the ground was practically empty. No more then 10 people altogether. And again, the feeling of seediness and sadness could not have been escaped. Here are just some of the pictures from that night:

Not the funnest of places, is it?

What are your memories of funfairs? Do they scare you, or do they remind you of the good times from your childhood?

I would love to hear from you (anonymous comments are more than welcome too), as it will all go into our research of funfairs and memories.

Hope that the coming week is filled with fun (if not funfair fun).

Red xx


Fifi B said...


How are you??? I am finally back online. Funfairs totally scare me. I don't like going at all. I had a scary experience at one when I was young and clowns terrify me too. No more fun fairs for me I'm affraid.

Fifi xoxo

Ramona said...

i kod mene isto... love/hate!
jos mi je muka od vecine ponude u: vrteske, autici koji se sudaraju... od svega toga pocnem da povracam pa uvijek sa sobom vucem kandidate koji ce praviti drustvo MOJOJ djeci. lol
mada u prekrasnom sjecaju mi ostao park u Becu... doduse bila sam klinka! :)

Anonymous said...

Good times from my childhood! I would love to be there and take some photos!
xx s