Saturday, 3 March 2012

Black Elvis, Blue Lines and Doctor's Strong Hands - What More Could You Want on a Saturday Afternoon?

Hello all,

I've been going through my albums and pictures I have taken over the past year and found some snaps I have never published, but feel they deserve an outing. So, here is a small collection:

Just another day in the office for Black Elvis

Which one of these would you choose to play on your record player? My choice is of course Blue Lines by Massive Attack. In fact this is one of my favourite albums of all times. Now that I am reminded of it, I think I'll listen to it again today.

Don't know what it is about this picture, but I like it. It must be the composition of random objects put together that is pleasing to my eye.

And, save the best for last! I have taken this picture sometime last year and never knew how to "fit it in" in one of my posts. As this is a random post with no particular theme, I think it can finally make an appearance. This is one of my favourite pictures I have taken in the last year or so.

I hope your weekends filled with random and exciting moments. Enjoy it and see you soon.

Red xx


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I love this selection of photos, I also have some nice pics which do not fit into a normal blog, this is a good idea. Please enlighten me, who is Massive Attack? I have never heard of them. Perhaps they were around when we were in S.Africa! Diane

Boye By Red said...

Hello Diane,

Massive Attack is from Bristol and they came into the scene in 1991. Blue Lines is their first album. It is melancholly, sombre and beautiful. Their first single Unfinished Symphony is very often voted as one of the best songs in the last 20 years.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Love that book cover! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and thank you for the birthday wishes!

xo Mary Jo

Ramona said...

Nice photos. <3

Thumbs up for Massive Attack! :)

Fifi B said...

I think that Elvis is so great. Was that taken in a pub? Great photos as usual, Fifi x

Anonymous said...

love this photos...! such a cool place!
xx s

Big Tavel Adventure said...

With his handsome face and that title the book must have been a bestseller ;). Hilarious.