Saturday, 17 March 2012

Let's See Who We Met Last Year

Dear all!!

One of my favourite past times is people watching. Too often I have my head in the book (if I am travelling around London) and forget to look up, look into people's faces and read their body language. Well, in the last year since I've started blogging, I have done exactly that and I had my camera ready to capture these wonderful characters on the streets of London. So, let's see who we met in the last 12 months:

We witnessed some serious food shopping in the Village:

And pretended we were not star struck when we saw the amazing Florence in our local restaurant (she is in the right hand corner at the bottom):

We saw some other famous people around:

And marvelled at David Bowie transforming from Ziggy Stardust to a bank note:

 We had a bottle of fresh water with our favourite redhead:

Paid our respects to the great artist from the last century:

And wished we could discuss today's state of the affairs with the great Malcolm X:

We were privy to a business deal where money and ginger beer were exchanged. Cool businessman and a happy customer:

We made friends with Cat and Dog:

And celebrated a birthday with two happy girls:

We also got freaked out by this little darling:

But then had a coffee with this gentle soul to calm down:

After we've pinched a few noses:

Flirted with a few boys:

And looked cooler than James Dean:

 We decided to take a break, sit down and watch the world go by:

Hope you enjoyed being reacquainted with old friends. Tomorrow is the last post of going down the memory lane and it will be my favourite. I have saved the best for last.

See you all here tomorrow.

Red xx


Dunja said...

I really enjoyed reading this one. XO

Big Tavel Adventure said...

Great people, great photos!