Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hello all!

It's not Christmas just yet, however, I treated myself to a few goodies:

New earrings from Oliver Bonas. I've wanted these for a few months now, but for some reason didn't get them. But they've been waiting for me. This was the last pair:

Then I got these cute coffee/ tea cups from a charity shop. I don't think they are vintage, they just look a bit old fashioned. I think they are quite perfect and a great addition to my many cups and saucers. I can never get enough of things like that. What do you think? 

This was in the post today. A present from one of my oldest friends. As I keep a journal every day, this will come in very handy. And it is just too cute:

As ever, I have flowers on my coffee table. Fresh flowers I think, make the room that much prettier:

These little presents were really not expensive at all, but I feel as if I was treated like a princess.

Have you treated yourself or anyone else lately?

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Red xx


Anonymous said...

My recent treat to myself was not nearly so cute, but very practical: a head torch, for my upcoming trip into the jungle. Leaves both hands free for swatting away horrifying insects. Beautiful earrings! And god, yes, fresh flowers are hard to beat.

Boye By Red said...

Hey Anon.
Head torch, well it is still a treat and will be so handy in the jungle. And how exciting that trip will be! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The earrings are lovely, flowers really lift my whole day.
Yes, treating the husband to a stay at Claridge's this week.

Little Rus said...

Lovely thing! I adore cups, too. Just recently bought some adorable ones. Treats-wise - got a sweater today. Wanted one and it was on sale. The rest is history. :)

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

So glad you got those pretty earrings and all the little nice things make life so much better! I try to buy fresh flowers every week--this week it was white chrysanthemums dusted with sparkly--kind of tacky but I like them :)

p.s. it looks like I will be in London in early january. would love to meet for tea if you are around.

xo Mary Jo