Monday, 3 December 2012

Turn An Obstacle Into An Opportunity

Hello all!!

It is very unusual for me to wake up at 8 am on a Sunday morning. But, I did as one of the closest and dearest people to me had a tricky appointment to go to. I came along for support and of course as a distraction.

We were anxious and nervous but decided to turn an obstacle into an opportunity - use the walk to the place to enjoy the almost empty streets of Chelsea and Kensignton.
It was very cold, but the sun was out, I thought, just for us.

We saw some interesting buildings, like The Chelsea Arts Club. With every season, they change the exterior of the building. This is what was on today:

That, and remnants of a previous night's party:

Some seriously yummy cakes. We haven't bought any, however we thought they make for very pretty window dressing.

Lucky staff at the amazing Hermes. Once the Christmas is over, instead of taking the decorations down, they can eat it!!! I would love to join that party!!

We enjoyed pretty flowers and some silly things too (as an aside, flower sellers are such hard working people. And early risers too!):

And then after the appointment I was treated to the most delicious lunch at Wagamama in the South Bank. Yaki udon for the loveliest person ever and chicken chili man for me. Yum:

On a daily basis, life throws challenging situations at us. It is up to us how we react to them. We can succumb and get down, or turn an obstacle into an opportunity - an opportunity to learn something new, see something we haven't seen before, enjoy the small things around us, or just spend quality time with the ones we love.

I hope you all have a good and happy week. And if you come up against something difficult, maybe this time you can think what you can learn from it, or what joy you can get from that particular situation, however small. I am sure it will give you strength, and let's face it, it beats being beaten down and unhappy.

Red xx



Big Tavel Adventure said...

both of them look great but i'd definitely have yaki udon :).

Magical Day Dream said...

Very true. I was thinking something similar this week, as I am almost finishing my master and have no clue what will be next. My negative me is scared to death, but I have been changing it a bit more around to my positive self; that i can do anything I want and will be in a place for a moment without any responsibly and can rethink my dreams :D