Sunday, 27 October 2013

Barbie Halloween

Hello all!!!

This last month I have had very few days off. Work during the day, rehearsals in the evening. If it isn't rehearsals, it is seeing friends. 
Weekends - the same. Rehearsals, friends, no time to do work around the house. And life admin just had to be done at midnight.

So, today was one of my first days off in a while. I seem to find it difficult to just sit and relax, so I embarked on a particularly big job - cleaning my bedroom, top to bottom. When I say, top to bottom, I really mean it. I moved my huge bed (which is no mean feat), cleaned everything underneath, hoovered every inch of my room and dusted every nook and cranny. I also sorted out my summer clothes into vacuum bags and took out winter wardrobe. I collected a huge bag of clothes for charity (that feels so good - now I can see exactly what I have). I am pretty good at doing it every season anyway, but this time I was more ruthless than usual. It feels so good. My room is so lovely and clean now and I feel very good about myself too.

And then, I finally threw away all the props and costumes from previous theatre performances I was in, in the past five years. Two bags full of stuff. I have no idea why I still kept it, but I did. I suppose I thought, I might need it again, just as I throw it away, so I have to keep it. Now, I don't care if I do, I'll go and source the new stuff if I need it.

And then, in the corner of my closet, I found these "beauties". I bought them for a performance three years ago, but in the end, decided not to use them. I actually forgot about them until today.
Here they are:

How creepy are they? Halloween creepy, but,... I now can't part with them. 15 minutes out of the bag, and I sort of fell for them. I have put them on my writing desk in my bedroom until I decide what to do with them. There is something satisfyingly disturbing about them, so for now, they are staying put.

This coming Friday, I am performing a one woman show at the Manchester Museum, called Welcome to Dreamland. The performance is about rejected asylum seekers in the UK, barely struggling to survive. It will be part of a big conference called Platforma, where immigrants as well as artists working on the subject will get together and exchange ideas. I cannot wait although I am pretty nervous as I am going on my own, without the support of my director (she has another show in London at the same time). 

I'll do a post on the performance and the conference on my next day off, next Sunday. With lots of pictures and good stories, I am sure.

In the mean time, share with me this week's flowers on my coffee table:

So, have you been busy lately? And most importantly, have you changed the clothes in your wardrobe for the coming autumn/ winter season?

Have a lovely week everyone.

Red xx


Mary Jo @trustyourstyle said...

I always love your posts, and had to laugh about the satisfyingly disturbing Barbies you found. I had quite the doll moment myself this weekend, but you will have to wait until I post my halloween pumpkin to understand. That's wonderful about your upcoming performance, I'm sure you will be amazing! And I am so jealous that you cleaned your bedroom + closet. Our summer has dragged so slowly into pre-fall that I haven't seriously gone through my clothes. I can tell that I am due for some new shoes though and that is good news :)

Milex said...


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

My clothes is so old that it is all coming back into fashion again:-) Have a good weekend Diane