Sunday, 6 October 2013

Countryside - Not All It's Cracked Up To Be. London is Better!!!

Hello all!

How has your week been?

As I wrote in my last post, I was away in Wales, beautiful, green countryside. 
It was great, it was green,... but I am really not a country girl. I am so out of my comfort zone when I don't see concrete, or inhale exhaust fumes :-)
I just could not relax. There might be a reason for it - together with three other adults, I had a responsibility for thirty-eight  hyper active children. As you can imagine, it was not the most relaxing of the trips.
But, we did go on a 3 hour hike that I enjoyed and I took some photos of nature and greenery (got to find a silver lining in everything):

Lovely? I agree, but that's as far as I'll go.
I cannot tell you how happy I was when we drove into London. So happy!!! 
So, I kind of celebrated the whole weekend. I had the best sleepovers (two nights in a row!!!), lots of wine and good chat and then a barbecue today (when you live in the UK you need one ray of sunshine for an excuse to set up a barbecue). I also spent hours shopping in charity shops and of course got myself my favourite flowers, carnations:

Living in London, you get tired of it; after six months you need to get out for at least a month. This time, I left for five days and could not wait to get back. 
So, I am back home, enjoying the grayness (although, it seems to be sunny and warm here these days. Queer!!), the concrete, the big buildings, the houses that look like sardines,...  I fell in love with London twenty two years ago and I keep falling in love with it, over and over again. Welcome home!!! London, you are tough, but you are bloody amazing, concrete and all!

I'll leave you with a quote that has been running around in my head for the last few days:

"You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway."
That's definitely how I felt for the last five days.

So, wherever you are, I hope you feel you are at home. I know I am.
Have a good week everyone. Enjoy everything you do!!!

Red xx


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Oh, I think it was definitely the kids that made you home sick, not the country side. ;) As a non-London resident, I like visiting the city once in a while. I'd even want to live there if I am honest - love the smoke, proper streets and the rhythm and the fact that there's so much to see. On the other hand, every time I go I feel like my energy was sucked out of me by the end of the trip, funny isn't it?
Enjoy your week, darling! x

Saf said...

London is not for the faint-hearted and it's so easy to find it too much but also easy to get used to it, I find. You can always find your little bit of calm even living in London. Countryside, as far as I'm concerned, is for the occasional chill out weekend or an active holiday. Not for living in. Unless you're a farmer, of course:)

Mary Jo @trustyourstyle said...

Those photos of green look lovely but I know what you mean. I feel the same way now when I visit NYC, I get itchy after 3 days and can't wait to get home. Although I was just thinking tonight that I could easily pick up and move to London. Go figure. Anyway, I always I enjoy your posts!