Thursday, 9 June 2011

On a well deserved day off - I buy 3 vintage dresses!!!

Hello all,

as I mentioned in my last post, on my first day off in ages, which was this past Sunday, I strolled down to Brixton, took my beauty bags to Brixi boutique, had an espresso at Rosie's and bought myself 3 vintage dresses. In my world, this counts as a wonderfully productive day. 
I have long stopped buying cheap clothes in high street shops and prefer to give more money for just one item as I know it will look good, last a long time and will be quite unique. OK, I still buy classic essentials like plain shirts from Gap and very, very rarely these days Hennes, but my choice of a shopping heaven is any vintage clothing store. As you remember, I recently went to East London for a bit of vintage shopping and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed as the shops were way too overpriced and to be honest, stuff wasn't exactly vintage. It was old, or rather the fabric looked like the fabric that was used in the 50's and 60's but stuff just didn't look genuine. It made me a little bit cross, as vintage is very "in" at the moment, and everyone is jumping on that band wagon but not everyone is being honest and they are selling everything hat remotely might pass as vintage. However, one shop in Brixton Village had an amazing sale on Sunday and I purchased 3 beautiful dresses. Here is the first one, and my favourite. The colour is a bit difficult (or at least many people say it is). I don't think that is true. I think that it's the attitude of wearing something that counts. It is how you wear it and how you present it that makes the dress. So, here it is. Firstly, this is how it looks when it is not worn:

And here is the detail of it:

And here it is on me. OK, not the best picture as I was taking the picture myself and there is a plastic bag right next to me, but never mind, here it is:

Ignore the background. The dress is cool, don't you think?

Here is the next dress. There is a bit of a story with this purchase. As I was trying it on in a tiny dressing room, I heard a girl coming in and asking the shop seller about a green, silk dress that was there just half an hour ago. The seller girl said she has no idea what dress she is talking about and went out to look for it on the rails outside the shop. I immediately realised it was the dress I just tried on and realised it fits me perfectly. So,... I did what every boy or girl who knows a good dress when they see it would do. I hid it under all the other stuff I was trying on, came out and had a chat with another customer in the shop. She also realised it was my dress and said, "just hide it, it is yours". So, I wrapped it in the two other dresses I chose to buy and went to pay for it. All the while, the girl was outside, desperately looking for the dress that I was already paying for. I didn't have the heart to tell her: "it is mine, I got it, you can't have it". I think we escaped a murder on a shop floor :-) I left the girl there looking for this beauty, while I walked down the market with a cheeky smile on my face, dress in my hand. Here is the gorgeous, silk, summer dress that I am very happy with and, can I just say, looks very good on me too. Way better than it would on that other girl :-)

What can I say, it goes well with my hair and eye shadow I have :-)

And here is the third dress that is the easiest to wear. I can wear it with jeans, with blue tights, at work, to a party. It is versatile:

So, I got a dress for each occasion: glamorous party, summer day and any other time of the day; work, going out with friends. walk in the park, shopping for more clothes. The possibilities are endless :-)

A productive day off, don't you think?
And as they were on the sale rack, I got all three for just £30. They were all £20 each, but I smiled a lot, talked a lot and made a deal with the shop girl. Can you believe it? I am still skipping from joy.

Have you bought anything special for yourself lately? What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Do tell, I want to know.

See you all soon and keep stylish, that's the way to go, I say :-)

Red xx

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Ramona said...

Fenomenalne haljine. Wow! Ne znam koja je ljepsa... ni ja se ne bih mogla odluciti i sigurno bih kupila sve tri. LOL
Cestitam i na prvom izlasku u javnost sa torbicama. :)