Thursday, 2 June 2011

Preparing for the Designers Market on Saturday - 2 new bags coming your way!

Hello all,

I've been a busy bee this last week or so. Working every night till 3am and doing very little but making bags. I've decided that "detail" is going to get me in the end. I am so particular about little details being done well that it takes me a long time to get one bag done. 

This Saturday I will be selling my bags (and some jewellery) at the Designers Market in East London. Have a look at their website for more details:

The market is new, only started trading in April this year. Not sure how many people visit, but I've got to start somewhere, right? I'll be reporting how things go this weekend and let you know if I've sold anything. 
In the mean time here are two more bags I've just finished:

This one is called "Cherry Bag" and I think this is my favourite bag so far.
Here is another one, called "Dotty Bag"

I hope you like the new bags. I am quite proud of them, but also I know how much effort and time has been put into them, so they are pretty special.
Let's hope there will be lots of traffic at the market on Saturday and others will think the same as me. 
Now off to buy funky beads and get on with jewellery making. And, I've got two more beauty bags to do. So little time and so much stuff to make and do. I haven't read a book in a few weeks now and although I am enjoying this work, I also need a break. I've been working non - stop for days now. Come Sunday, I am starting a beauty bag for a very dear friend Clara, and snuggling in with a book "Room". Apparently, once you start reading it, you can't put it down. It's been sitting on my table for weeks now, tempting me, but I didn't dare start it. 

Stay tuned, I will be posting picture of my stall and all the other stuff I am selling. And of course, if you are around and would like to do a spot of shopping or just want to browse, stop by my stall and say hello.

See you all soon

Red xx

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