Monday, 30 May 2011

Wiil and Kate,Tatty Devine and Banksy imitations, all in one day

Hello friends,

hope your weekend was good. Mine was a lot of fun, and today I wondered outside of Brixton and headed to the funky Shoreditch in East London.

Oddly, there weren't that many people around and Columbia Street Flower Market was closed but we (Saf and I), had a good browse in vintage shops and took some pretty cool pictures too.
And we bought ourselves amazing Tatty Devine necklaces. Tatty Devine is one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world and I have a few amazing pieces of jewellery from there. They are pricey, but unique. Imagine our excitement, when we stumbled upon this:

Tatty Devine sample sale, up to 90% off all prices!!! We could have bought so, so much, but we restricted ourselves to these beautiful pieces. Each cost £10!! They are usually between £30-£40. What a bargain! Here are our new treasures:

Mine is the ice cream one and Saf bought the vinyl one. Pretty cool, don't you think?

Shoreditch is well known for its funky clothes shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries. Some 10 years ago, rents for warehouses and big spaces were pretty low, so artists moved in, opened their studios, a few galleries and made their own community there. The area is really vibrant and there is something exciting going on at every corner. We took a lot of pictures, but today, I am posting only street art we found. This one made me laugh:

I particularly like RAGE written underneath the picture. Will looks suspiciously like prince Charles.

Just around the corner from there, we found this. It almost made me puke, but here it is:


I don't want to end on such an ugly note, so here is a hairdressers' window that I really liked:

We've taken some really cool pictures of different doorways (I know, random, but trust me, they look fun), and I'll be posting them later this week.

So, what's your favourite street artist? Your favourite jewellery shop? 

Speak to you all very soon.

Red xx

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