Friday, 6 May 2011

Another bag,... in the bag!!!

Hello all,

I have been pretty productive lately and have done another beauty bag. This one is, again, a birthday present for a friend. I didn't have a design in mind, it just kind of happened, and I think it is now in the running for being my favourite. See what you think:

This bag is called Spring Beauty Bag. I know, not particularly imaginative, but couldn't think of anything more exciting, and let's face it,it is spring, so why not a spring beauty bag??

Hope you're all good and your beauty bag is as happy as this one. Mine needs more make up to be perfectly happy :-)

See you all very soon and thank you for stopping by.

Zlata xx


jess andoh said...

Well i utterly utterly love it! My favourite bag fullstop! xxxx

Fifi B said...

What lovely bags! You should bring them to work and try to sell some, otherwise do you ever try to sell any at markets in Brixton?

Boye By Red said...

Hi Fifi,

Thanks for stopping by.

I have a boutique in brixton village that took 3 bags, but haven't spoken to them in a while and don't know if they've sold them yet.
And i was thinking of bringing them to school, but feel a bit anxious about it. I'll think about the idea some more.

See you soon.