Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bags for sale! Come and browse!!!

Hello friends!!!

So the bags are here!!! I've finally finished them. Crocheting is not difficult, it's the finishing touches that are proving hard. I've ripped them out so many times, I think I could have crocheted another bag in that time. So here they are. First one is called Happy Bag, and although I am selling it, my aunt has done it for me. I think it is beautiful and the colours are happy, so I called it a Happy Bag.

Then comes the first bag I have ever done (that excludes the little beauty bag I made for Saff's birthday). This one is called Satchel Bag as it reminds me of school satchels I used to have when I was a kid. I think this is my favourite, I love the design, even if I say so myself. I am putting it up for sale, but so want to keep it for myself. Here are the pictures of how it looks from the front, back and the inside.

And the third and last bag of this collection is called Summery Red. I have to admit, this bag gave me a lot of grief. I crocheted it fast enough, but the lining was particularly tough to do. Well, it was tough for me, because I am a novice at sewing. I just couldn't sew a straight line to save my life, so finally after 5 hours of trying straight lines (till 3 o'clock in the morning!!), the penny dropped and I decided to do a zig-zag pattern instead. So, if the lines are not straight, it doesn't really matter. And in fact, I now prefer the zig-zag finish anyway, so I suppose it was worth all that effort and time. See what you think:

So, there you are. If you like what you see here, please forward the blog to your friends and family.
And I need some feedback from you. I want to put in a little flyer in each bag of how to take care of it and a little bit about the bags themselves. How does it look to you? Is the font ok? Do you like what it says, and do you think I should change any of it?
Here is a picture of how it looks now:

Thank you all for visiting and let me know what you think. Hope your weekend has been good. I've been busy doing drama workshops, partying and cleaning up my messy crochet/ sewing station, so all in all, it's been a lot of fun. See you all soon.
Oh yes, and click on the pictures to enlrage them.

Lilly xx


Saf said...

Milly, the instructions card is very nice and makes the owner of the bag feel special too - nice touch! Are the bags washable by hand only? Can I stick Bradley in the cold machine wash? xxx

Boye By Red said...

Hey lovely Ifi,

You can wash yor Bradley in the machine, i think, but it's safer by hand :-)