Saturday, 14 May 2011

"What's in my shopping basket?" episode 2

Hello, hello!!

I've been working hard lately and have almost finished another bag. All I need to do is connect the seams, crochet the strap and do the lining. As I've now done 5 bags, I am becoming much faster at crocheting although, sawing the lining is still the trickiest bit.

I have ordered lots of new, good quality yarn, lovely, bright colours and can't wait to start thinking up new designs. I am getting some of it tomorrow, so pictures to come very soon.
And as I was running out of thread and buttons, I had a little shopping spree today and spent £30 on goods!!! That's too much, I know, but I bought this beautiful fabric for lining and John Lewis where I bought it is quite dear with prices. Never mind, I love it and it's worth it.
Here is a picture of it. See what you think:

And here is a picture of other purchases from John Lewis. That shop is dangerous. It has everything you need and I can spend hours and hours and lots of money in there.

The orange and green bags you see - well, that's my new obsession. Beads!!! I am starting my own range of jewelry. Just for me, not to sell. I haven't found anything that I like in a while now, so decided to make my own ornaments as I know what I want, just can't find it in the shops. There are a few amazing bead shops in London and like John Lewis, they are very dangerous. Your imagination goes wild once you step inside. As the beads are quite expensive, I limited myself to just these two colours today.

That's all for today. Have you done any shopping lately? What's in your basket?

Lilly xx

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