Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tea for Three at Relay Tea Room

My Saturday has started brilliantly. I got up at 10am (I'm on half term from today, which means lying in for the next 10 days). Yippee!

I had breakfast in bed and then made my way to Brixton market for some Jamaican patties and tea and cakes with two lovely friends. 

I had coffee here before, but today I had my camera with me and took some pictures of the place. The tea place is called Relay Tea Room and is owned by two lovely girls. They make their own cakes (delicious) and have a huge range of teas on offer. As I am a coffee person, I had coffee instead. And can I just say, even though it was only a filter coffee, it is the best one you will find anywhere. Usually, if you order a filter coffee, you get weak, brown water. This one actually tastes of coffee and goes really well with cakes. 

So, we ordered one tea, two coffees, one scone and jam and one Victoria sponge. Absolutely divine. Here are pretty pictures of the goodies:

This is one of the tables in front of the shop, with lovely flowery tea pot. (click on the pictures to see the detail)

I strongly recommend this place when you are down in Brixton. At the moment it's my favourite place in the market. Go and visit their blog. It is fun and you'll get a better idea of the stuff they make. Maybe we can meet there one afternoon? 

There is lots to look at in the market. Right in front of the tea shop is this grocery seller. What a wonderful mixture of cultures and ideas:

Watermelons look good, don't they?
Two doors down, you can shop for some old vinyl records:

And to my right, a hard working man was eating his lunch:

I love the background of his shop. He is a butcher, but I didn't get his stall in the picture. Maybe next time.

And as a goodbye, here is a picture of what I bought today:

I am designing new bags made out of colourful fabric and need these little beauties to zip them. I am spending tomorrow working out how to do them, and I should be posting fruits of my labour very soon.

I am spending the rest of the day at home. I have so much to do: finish a very good book I am reading at the moment, The Secret River, read Saturday's papers (read The Guardian), finish two new big crochet bags I am working on at the moment,... and of course, I will potter around the house (my favourite hobby). I have an invitation to go out for drinks with friends but I feel like staying in tonight.

Have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to check out Relay Tea Room.

Red xx 

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