Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Italian Sailors Are In Town!!!

Bon jour everyone!!! 

Don't get too excited boys and girls, not real sailors (I wish) just my vintage buttons. Still, I am excited, even if they are not real. Have a look, they are gorgeous:

Don't you think they are cute?

Before I go on, did you know that if you click on the picture, you get a bigger size picture  and you can see everything properly. You probably knew that, but just in case. 
So, I was at home the whole day, working on my creations. Firstly, I did the seams on the bag. It took a while as it goes very slowly and I accidentally started a wonky pattern that was tricky to follow. But follow I did. I went around once, and then realised that it might not be strong enough so I did another round. It took some time, let me just say. Here is the result:

Then I decided to spend some time on my sewing machine. Oh man, was I a little loser?! I haven't touched a sewing macine in 15 years and guess what? I didn'know how to thread the yarn on the machine. First obstacle - fail. Usually my first reaction to a problem is to cry. This time I spent a whole hour trying and trying and failing and failing. And laughing at myself. Here is the picture of how my working station looked today. Messy and you'd think productive. Nope, just messy:

So, I gave up on "sewing" and went back the bag and crocheting. Something I know. Well, it turns out that the strap for the bag is too big and I had to undo the whole thing. I spent three days crocheting it. Gone in three minutes. You are thinking, not my day? Nope, I loved every moment of it, it made me think and re design and think harder. It was actually a lot of fun.
So I talked to my friend Murray who gave me the machine and it turns out I knew how to thread the yarn all along, I just didn't turn the right knob on the machine and that's why the thread didn't want to pick up and sew properly. I looked at my diagram and realised what a loser I was the whole time. Turn the knob two centimeters to the right and it works. Here is the "sophisticated" diagram that I used to unravel the mystery, something Murray and I drew for me to follow when working.

As I said sophisticated. No? :-) 

So, that was my day. Sorry this blog is really long, but,...lots to tell. I probably won't be this talkative tomorrow. I'm seeing a dance performance tomorrow night by Javier de Frutos (choreographer) and Pet Shop Boys (music specifically made for this performance) and celebrating my very good friend's birthday. So, there won't be any creations tomorrow on the blog, but I'll post the pictures of the evening and dinner we'll have afterwards.

And before I go,... did you have a fun day? Or are you going to do anything fun today? And is there a sailor in your life?

Love to you all

Millicent xx


Safija said...

Hi Milly, you are funny. I like all the knob talk.xx

Boye By Red said...

ha ha, you are funny too :-) xx

Dunja said...

I loooove the post! The longer the better, I wish you had time for such long posts everyday...
You are amazing my dear friend. xx

Boye By Red said...

Dunjic, you are so lovely, thank you, thank you. I'll try and post a good one again. zxxxxx