Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring is here! Hooray!!!

Happy Spring everyone! This is what's on my table to brighten up the room. Carnations (my favourite flower) and daffodils - real sign of spring bought to me as a present. 

This weekend (like every other) has been super busy. On Saturday morning I gave a drama workshop, then spent the day buying bits and pieces for my bags, then went out.
However, I spent the whole Sunday spring cleaning. The whole day!! At least Radio 4 and backlog of Desert Island Discs kept me company. 
So, 9pm and I finally sat down. I am faced with a few design questions. The bag I am crocheting at the moment is almost done, but I can't decide what buttons to use and what colour crochet to use to do the seams. Here is my quandary in pictures (sorry one picture isn't the best):

So, the questions are: do I use orange or brown yarn for the seams? Do I use one or two buttons? Orange or green? Or both?
Now that I've finally sat down I'll experiment and see what works. My hunch is to go with two buttons and brown yarn. And I haven't even began sewing and I have to start with a new bag in the next few days. If only days were longer. Or better, if weekends were!

Happy Spring everyone and join me to see what colourful decisions I made for the new bag.

Red xx


Dunja said...

Hey dear, great bag really. I like brown button, it gives a bit more retro štih somehow... It's pale green,more contrast buttons will be fine... But of course whatever you decide will be great, I'm just thinking loud :-)


Boye By Red said...

I am with you, i think i like the contrast too. That's decided then. Thank you :-)
And please, always think aloud :-)

Virginie said...

Happy Belated Spring Day !
I like this blog, went quickly around it, will spent some more times soon. Anyway, it's a great idea. Speak later Mate ! V

Boye By Red said...

Hey Mate :-)

glad you like it. This is my new adveutre I told you about. Please keep coming and leaving comments, it will make me happy.
Spek laters mate zxx

Jazzy said...

great work lilly, well done!

Boye By Red said...

Thank you Jazzy xx