Sunday, 27 March 2011

One of these days, I swear I'll sit on a needle!!

Hello my dears,

It's been a while since I last posted. I haven't had time to work on my bags and then when I did, everything I made I had to undo again. I am so inexperienced and so slow, I wonder if I bit off more than I can chew. Also, I want it to be perfect, so if I don't like how it fits, even if I spent hours working on it, I won't have it. Have to start again. This is my first bag, so I am bound to make mistakes and be slow. I am sure the next one will be easier. And faster. Here is hoping!

And, as I said in the title, I swear I will sit on a needle (or two) one of these days. I keep misplacing them and then spend forever looking for them. I usually find them exactly where I am sitting. Just can't remember to put them on the table once I've finished. My little corner on the sofa is somewhat unsafe these days.That sounds exciting, no? It's just dangerous though.

So, I did the lining for the bag today. It is a little wonky (I just can't seem to do straight!) and I might re do it, but for now it will do, at least as a mock up lining. Here is the picture (click to enlarge if you'd like):

I also spent hours upon hours crocheting the strap and guess what? I hated it. So my lovely mama showed me how to do it today, over skype. I think I remember what she taught me, although everything is muddled in my shrinking brain at the moment, it has to be said.

I started a new bag too. I don't think I can do one thing at a time, so I have this one on the go whilst I am finishing the green one. 
Here is how it looks at the moment:

Good colour, don't you think?

And, one last thing. Look at this little beauty! I bought a really cute tape measure. She looks exactly how I feel these days. Sleepy.

I am sorry everyone, this post is not the most exciting I've done, but I still wanted to check in with you all. I guess it is hard to post fun things when work goes so slowly and you make mistakes all the time. I am a little disappointed with myself, so let's hope the work picks up. Then the posts will be more interesting too.

Have you done anything interesting since we last chatted? Maybe you sat on something dangerous? Or exciting? :-)

Love to you all

Red xx


jess andoh said...

the work will pick up...I know your bags are going to be amazing and UTTERLY LOVE the tape measure! xx

Boye By Red said...

thank you Jessita. I've just worked out how to do the strap. Finally!!
the tape measure is gorgeous I agree. too cute xx

Dunja said...

Good morning dear, you made my day:-) I'm having my first coffee and laughing my ass off imagining you looking for a neeedle, I have so clear picture of you looking for it and talking to yourself... Also, asking your mum to show it how to do the the strap over the skype, imagine that 20 years ago someone told our parents they will be using skype, (not to mention to show you anything relatetd to crocheting), that would have been unexplainable (not sure even whether this word exist?!)but you know what I mean ;)

As for sitting on anything exciting - noup! Zero.
Love xx
P.S. Maybe you should get yourself on of those little "pillows" for needles, have it in front of you and just remember to stick the neeedle into it instead sofa? There is maybe ass-shaped needle pillow??

Safija said...

Hello Lilly, what a sleepy Babushka you are... Nice colour for the new bag, when is my vanity bag due?:) I guess I'll have to wait a bit! Nope, not sat on anything exciting or dangerous altough some of the bus seats can be deemed as such...Keep crocheting and entertaining us, there is no reason to be disappointed you're learning all the time and will keep getting better and better. xxxx

Boye By Red said...

Ha ha, that's so funny that you were laughing at me. Ha ha. You are right, that's exactly what I've been doing for days, looking for needles under my bum and talking to myself.
I might have to make myself pin cushion in the shape of a bum. Good idea.
I think my mum is going all modern using skype and computers and I am going back to the traditional crafts, crocheting. Are we turning into our mums? Oh dear :-)
And I love that you have your morning coffee while reading the blog. That makes me very, very happy. I feel like I am with you.

Saffy my lovely, your vanity bag is coming. Be patient :-)

by the way girls, i am not sure if you check but I always respond to your messages even if I don't post the blog the next day.

love you both xx

Dunja said...

Ahhh, pardon my American English, bum is so nicer then the word I used, I thought for a moment that it might have been inappropriate but since I was having my first coffee my brainn was not heated properly :-)
And yes, sometimes, I find myself doing or saying exactly what my mum would say or do, usually those are the things that not so long time ago were making me annoyed...
Kiss to you two girls.