Sunday, 3 April 2011

Belts, bras and cats on sale - £1

Hello friends,

so the weekend is here and as I often do, I strolled down to Brixton market for a coffee with a friend and for a little browse around. First thing I saw was this delightful image:

As I said in the title, belts, bras and,... a cat for £1???? She was having a little snooze, totally oblivious that she was on sale as well. The woman selling the goods thought it was funny too. 

I then found a cheap stand with thread, needles and little ribbons for my bag adventure. Look what I got for only £6.50

In a high street shop, this would be at least £10. And this way, money stays in the local economy. Win - win situation, however you look at it.

Walking through the arcade, look who I spotted having a lunch at one of the funky Brixton cafes:

Can you recognise the red head in the corner? It is Florence, from Florence and the Machine. She saw me take the picture, so I had to pretend as if I am really interested in stuff around, and not her, so I spent a few minutes pointing my camera at the ceiling. I took quite a few pictures of the lanterns you see hanging. She had her head down when I took the picture so you can't see her face properly, but it is still undeniably her. Brixton is becoming furiously trendy, although next week will be 30 years since the Brixton riots in the 1980's and people are predicting some kind of protest next week. I'll make my way down there to see if anything happens. It might just be a celebration of how multicultural Brixton has become. But the truth is that young black men in the area are constantly stopped and searched by the police, whilst their white counterparts never are. Only recently, a young black musician from Brixton had his house raided by the police and has died while they were there. Was that a coincidence? The investigation is under way, but the community is not happy and the papers today say that although it is unlikely that Brixton will experience the riots form the 80s, it is possible that there will be some kind of unrest. Maybe there should be, so the government and in particular the police, hear what people actually think and feel.

The rest of the afternoon I spent with a friend and then had a Colombian emapanda with chicken (Colombian chicken pattie) and read my paper. 

A fun day in Brixton!!

Hope you are having a fun weekend too. Have you seen anything funny or someone special in the last few days? Do tell.

See you all very soon.

Lilly xx


Saf said...

Hi Red, Thanks for the news from Brixton. Maybe riots are what we need to change things but please don't go down there if it comes to that!!!
On a nicer note, I did see someone special yesterday and today and she is a redhead a bit like the famous one on your photo and writes a blog about Brixton and funky bags and sleepy cats. Sounds familiar? Love you.xxxx

valbona said...

Saf You took my words that was exactly what I was thinking!
REd head , famous,artistic,..and writes blogs who else but our Zlataxxx

Boye By Red said...

ha ha, thank you girls.
so lovely to see you here. love you xxxx

Dunja said...

Very interesting Brixton post again, you really want me to hurry up with my visit to you girls :-)

Have to agree with Saf on riots - for this one pls don't go very close. I love your spirit and your sense for right and wrong... It is very sad where this world is heading to.
Huge kiss from Zg.

Boye By Red said...

hmmm, I am meeting friends there on Saturday morning :-)
To be honest, i don't think there will be any riots. But if there is you@ll be first to know, via me :-) xx