Monday, 11 April 2011

Pizza, pizza, pizza. Come and get some!!!

Hello friends,

so, my first day of Easter break didn't go as well as I wanted it to. I woke up with a headache and the day just went to potts. But,... Sunday was another story. 
Firstly, I spent it in the best company ever! Secondly, I got an Ipad as a present. For free!!! I can't express how lucky and happy I am. Thirdly, I did labels for my bags (about that more tomorrow) and lastly, I had some seriously delicious pizza. Here are a few pictures of the delicacy that I consumed today;

Three pizzas to go and better than any pizza place can make.

Have you had a good Sunday lunch? What did you have? Did you make it yourself?

Enjoy your week and see you here tomorrow.

Lilly xx

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