Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Some people collect stamps. I collect pretty buttons!

Hello dear friends,

I've got so much to do and have been so busy in the last few days, that I haven't had time to properly blog and dedicate myself to it. So, I stole a few moments today to bring you my new obsession. Buttons! I found a shop on ebay selling amazing buttons. They are not too expensive and I can't find big buttons anywhere but here. And not only big buttons, but pretty ones too. Here is the last batch I purchased:

I have recently become crazy about green colour, in particular this one on the picture. I think I want to buy everything in that colour now. I don't have that much money so I better wait till this obsession passes.

So, now that I have kitted myself with so much stuff (yarn, fabrics, buttons, ribbons, thread, tape measure, needles) I seriously have to apply myself to creating things too, not just buying. I don't have an excuse any more, I have everything I need, so apply myself, I will. 
To be honest, I have been wanting to crochet my bags in the last week or so but have been so busy meeting people, cooking, going out, that I haven't had the time to sit and do the work. I've cleared tomorrow just for crocheting, so I should be producing some stuff in the next few days. 
I'm gonna try and learn how to do a button hole on a bag. I have to say it scares me a little bit as I still don't know how to read patterns that well, and my little brain gets all excited and confused. I might come up with a crooked hole. That seems to be my style anyway.

And one more thing before I go. My sister got this new, amazing sewing machine that embroiders things for you, so we spent this Sunday doing my labels. Here is how they look. They are still messy as I haven't cleaned them up and cut the thread, but I think the colours and letters work. See what you think.

So that's all for now. Let me know what you are up to. Have you been busy lately? And what do you think of the goodies above?

And the very last thing,... I'll let you in on a secret,... I used to collect stamps too :-) 
I've still got them, and as nerdy as that might sound, they are still gorgeous. I might share them with you one day.

Have a fab day everyone.

Lilly xx


Saf said...

Hello Lilly, thanks for the update. It's nice to know what your little brain's been thinking of:) I do love the doggy buttons, they are my favourites so far. Love the labels too. I noticed you neglected your nail varnish amidst all that busyness, guess that just goes to show how hard at work you are.
Keep up the good work and the updates coming. See you soon.xxxx

Boye By Red said...

Ha ha, yes, it's because i am busy and not lazy. Ha ha.

Doggies are cute, aren't they? I think my favourite are the squares, both orange and green.

Thank younfor stopping by lovley.

Lills xx

Dunja said...

Good morning darling,

very cute buttons really, pink are my favorite, I imagine they look nice on something like dark blue.

You shold find some really huge buttons, so if it happens you make mistake while trying to make button hole you can simply put this big button over ;)

I was in Tuzla over the weekend, eat pita and cevapi a lot... Now back to everyday stuff.

Ti mando un grande bacio. Ciao.

Boye By Red said...

Ha ha, you made me laugh Dunja. I think big buttons are just for that, to cover my mistakes! Ha ha.

Very jealous - i can't believe you had such lovely food last weekend. I am dreaming of ćevapi :-) zxx

jess andoh said...

Love the buttons,amazing.

I will let you in on a secret as a teenager,I collected stamps and buttons and still have them and there is an amazing stall in greenwich market that sells a delightful range of gorgeous buttons.



Boye By Red said...

hey Jess, it seems we have so mucin ommon :-)
I'll have to check that Greenwich stall!! Hope Mexico is treating you well. xx