Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Craving Sunshine!

Hello all!!

I managed to escape the Jubilee madness and all the parties by being cooped up at home most of the long weekend and that's exactly what I needed. I ventured out on Monday night, had one of the best nights out in a long, long time, and was back home again a few hours later. 
And now that the flags are slowly coming down and parties have stopped, it is safe again to go out and enjoy London. But,.. the weather is just not fun. It is raining too much and the sun is so shy, it comes out for a very brief moment and it is gone again.

Who would have thought that just two weeks ago, we had proper summer?!

It was so hot, that this girl and I couldn't resist splashing in the water in King's Road.

Summer colours and summer treats galore:

Even the signs around were positive:

And movies were romantic:

And most importantly, I could wear my sunglasses and summer dresses:

So, come on sunshine, come back to London. You are desperately needed.

I hope you are having better luck wherever with weather you are!

Red xx


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Red:
Oh dear, we hardly dare mention that it is 25C here, warm and sunny with wall to wall blue skies. Oh, and not a Union Jack in sight!!!

We used to love going to the open market in the King's Road on a weekend when we lived in London. Such a variety of produce and all of fantastic quality.Your photographs really capture the scene with all its colour and life so well.

We do so hope that the sun will make its appearance before you find yourself back in the classroom once more.

Boye By Red said...

Jane and Lance, I live on the wrong side of Europe and wish Hungary and UK traded weatehr some time.

And you are right, King's Road market is just wonderful. It is always so fullof good food, character, colours. I don't go often enough, so something to work on.