Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Are you sweet, or salty?

Hello all,

today is my first day off and I am spending it in style. I went out for a run, had a nap, went shopping, read my book and am about to go out for Spanish tapas with a friend. Perfect way to start a 6 weeks holiday, don't you think?

I am a foodie. I'll try anything and I love everything (apart from celery and goats cheese). I also like cooking and at the moment I am experimenting with different quinoa recipes. When I say experimenting, I mean thinking up new recipes. I mix things I like and think can go together and let my imagination run. Although I love sweets (in particular biscuits and good cakes), I am definitely a savoury person. 

I'll post some of my favourite recipes in the next few days, but for now here is a sweet shop in Brixton Village. It is called Sweet Tooth and it is fabulous. It has all sorts of candy; colourful and yummy. You can go and buy sweets for yourself or get a present for someone you like.
Here is their website, (that is fun too):


And here are some pictures I took (of course, click on the picture to enlarge it):


Can you see any sweets that you used to eat in your childhood?

So come to Brixton and see it for yourself. Not only would you be supporting a local business rather than a high street chain, but you'll also be reminded of your childhood and treat yourself too.

Have a sweet evening and see you all soon.

Red xx



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

It is the most wonderful moment when the holiday weeks stretch out in front of you with no particular timetableto dictate your every move. Enjoy!

We also used to say that we would eat anything but sheep's testicles [yes, really!] were quite beyond us. They really were rather like chewing elastic bands [not that we make a partcular habit of eating them]and just the thought of them now makes us feel rather queasy.

On a happier note, a new store called Sugar has opened in Budapest and is a riot of all things sweet. We love your Brixton sweet shop which takes us back to the days of Spangles!!

Boye By Red said...

Hello J & L,

Sheep's testicles?! Hmmm, i commend you for trying but your description of the texture has definitely put me off it.
Although, i have to admit i have tried sheep's brain and it was one of most delicious things i have tried :-)
I suppose we won't know until we try and it is good to be advenutrous with food.
Good news that Budapest has a new sweet shop. Appropriate name too. Sweet - definitely a guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

oh sweet lilly, lovely sweet post!

Anonymous said...

My childhood was one giant sweetie! My diet was awful, my mum never did any cooking, it was all tins and bags of sweets - shocking!

Boye By Red said...

For B&a;P,

Yes, that sounds strange to us now, but i am sure you loved all the sweets when you were a kid :-)