Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sleep walking, fish and strolling around Brixton

Hello all,

This week has been very, very busy. End of school, million things to finish off, observation at work, saying good bye to some lovely children and staff at school, going to theatre, meeting friends,... 

I didn't even realise it, but my brain was working over time even when I was sleeping. On Friday, in the middle of the night, I got up and prepared for work for the next day. Only, I don't work on Saturdays!!! I only realised what I had done in the afternoon that day. I saw that I chose what I am going to wear at school, I prepared my water bottle and my morning snack. I usually do all that every evening, but as I got home very late on Friday night, and as I didn't need to prepare for the next day, I read a little and went to bed. My brain obviously didn't compute that I am not working the next day, so unknown to my conscious self, I got up and got ready for the next day.
I never knew that I sleep walk, but apparently I do!!! I have to say, I was amused but I also realised I need to chill out and relax a little. So, I made my way to Brixton market for a bit of a stroll and people watching. 

I found lots of colour, smiley people and,.... lots of butcheries and fishmongers!!! Don't know, but I have taken quite a few pictures of different meat and fish stalls. If you want fresh food, this is where you should come:

While I was waiting for my chicken pattie to be ready, I took a few pictures of this stall. The guy selling there saw me and happily posed. I love his smile and the colours around.
Oh yes, and here is that pattie I was waiting for. It was delicious, hot, spicy, mmmm,...

Both the pattie stall and this butcher are in Electric Avenue. You won't make a mistake stopping by and getting some good quality food.

Next was this fishmonger. Fresh fish and neatly arranged too:

This place is inside the Brixton Village, at the entrance from the market side. Next two are from random stalls around the Village and the market:


Gruesome looking, I know, but also quite photogenic, it has to be said.

I just love the randomness of this fishmonger's name: Twin Peaks Fish Co.
This next picture is of the butchers just a few stalls away from Twin Peaks. The meat is good and fresh, and it used to have good looking Polish girls working there. They are often nicely made up with make up and hair done up. I am not sure if these are the same ones as I haven't been in there in a while, but here is how the stall looks like.

I finished my walk with grocery shopping (only £4 for a bag of fresh vegetables) and just as I thought how well I've done at not spending much money, I was 'trapped' by a massive sale at one of my favourite shops, Joy. So, I went in for an innocent browse and came out with two dresses, a shirt, turquoise sunglasses and short of £42! Silly girl! But on the positive side, I now have lovely stuff to wear and if I had bought all these things at regular prices I would have spent £145. So, I feel I've done well (or so I keep telling myself).

In the evening, friends invited me for an amazing home made Indian dinner and some good wine, beer, and of course great company. Suffice to say, I slept well last night and didn't sleep walk. Well, at least not that I know of. I am going by how disorganised and messy everything is around the flat. And I didn't find clothes ready for today or snacks or watter bottles filled.

So, now I am continuing my weekend of relaxing by reading, blogging and getting ready for a barbecue. 

Hope your weekend is as fun as mine. Did you see any fun things in the markets and streets around you?
Hope the week ahead brings you many happy moments.

See you all very soon.

Red xx


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Red:
Hopefully, with school at an end you can now look forward to some relaxing times without the stress of daily timetables and water bottle filling.

We love markets and are very fortunate that we have both an inside and open market very close to us in Budapest so that fresh food can be bought every day. Brixton Market looks wonderful and we are very envious of the fish as that is something which is generally both difficult to find, and expensive when one does, in Budapest.

Your new clothes sound to have been a real bargain. We are sure that you deserve a treat after working so hard. Enjoy your well earned holiday...and no more sleep walking!!

Boye By Red said...

Dear Jane and Lance,

Thank you for the lovely message.

That's really great that you have an option of buying fresh food at all seasons. We are lucky too. Brixton market is open all year around and it has stalls in the open as well as sellers under the arcades. On the whole, markets are my favourite places. Not only can you buy fresh food, but you can do people watching, which is one my favourite things to do.

One more day at work, and i'll be able to relax properly (although i already started this weekend).

Hope the weatther is good in Budapest and you can relax in the sunshine.